The NBA changed the bench decorum rules because of Theo Pinson

Dallas Mavericks, Theo Pinson
Dallas Mavericks, Theo Pinson / Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks signed Theo Pinson in Dec. 2021 as the team was facing a COVID outbreak. They had a full roster, so everyone expected the players to be on the squad for ten days or until players returned, but that was not the case for Pinson. He signed two ten-day deals before landing one of the team’s two-way contracts. The deal left him ineligible for the postseason, but that did not stop Pinson from being on the bench and making an impact.

Fans can question how he helps the team as much as they want, but the Mavs believe Pinson was a key piece of their run to the conference finals last season. Head coach Jason Kidd even called him the team’s MVP in February, and the Mavericks re-signed him this offseason.

Pinson was the leader of their bench that was fined three times during the postseason. The league was not a fan of what the Mavericks were doing, so they changed the rules to stop Pinson this season.

The NBA changed the bench decorum rules because of Theo Pinson

Miami Heat reporter Ira Winderman gave fans the specifics of the new rules that limit players standing and “making distracting moves” on the bench.

How many technical fouls will Pinson receive this season for supporting his teammates? The league wants players sitting on the bench, but it will not stop Pinson from yelling and supporting his squad. Fans will still hear the 6’5 wing, and they can bet he will take the warning and the delay of game nearly every night.

Pinson knows he helps his teams win, and he discussed it on his podcast. The 26-year-old has been in the NBA for four years and his team has never missed the playoffs, including playing with the Nets before Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving arrived and breaking the Knicks' seven-year postseason drought.

Theo Pinson forced the NBA to change their rules, but fans know he will find a way to help his teammates under the new guidelines. How? Be sure to tune in on opening night to find out.

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