Theo Pinson talks about impacting the game from the bench

Dallas Mavericks, Theo Pinson
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The Dallas Mavericks signed Theo Pinson in December 2021 as they were dealing with a COVID outbreak. Dallas needed healthy bodies, and Pinson was playing well in the G League. The 26-year-old saw just over 21 minutes of action in each of the first three games, but his playing time quickly decreased. Pinson did not play double-digit minutes again until the final two games of the regular season, but the Mavs found a way to keep him.

Pinson was on a ten-day deal at the start, but he worked his way onto a two-way contract as head coach Kidd referred to him as the team’s MVP in February. The Mavericks kept Pinson on the bench in the playoffs, despite him being ineligible to play because of his two-way contract. He got a fresh one-year deal this offseason to be on the team’s 15-man roster. How did the 6’5 wing draw so much praise and earn a place on the roster without playing?

Some fans are skeptical, but the organization believes Pinson makes a tremendous impact from the bench. The Mavs drew three fines in the playoffs because of what Pinson and the bench did. They were clearly impacting the game, but how? The 26-year-old explains on the latest episode of his Run Your Race podcast.

Theo Pinson talks about impacting the game from the bench

Pinson notes that his days of impacting from the bench go back to his time at the University of North Carolina, and he brought it to the Brooklyn Nets. He even takes a bit of credit for Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving joining the Nets as he believes the fun the team was having was attractive to the superstar duo. Pinson said this during the episode.

"KD and Ky, y'all both came to Brooklyn because y'all saw the vibe and how much fun we were having, and you wanted to be a part of it. You can’t tell me otherwise. You saw the energy, and you saw the vibe, and you wanted to be a part of it and you wanted to bring a championship. That is the reason they are there."

Pinson talked about how having fun is important, and it takes away some of the stresses of playing professionally. He pulled no punches about the teams recognizing his impact on morale and energy on the court. Pinson discussed the Nets calling him up for as many games as possible his rookie year, despite him being on a two-way contract because of his impact on the rest of the team.

He talked extensively about bringing that same energy to Dallas, and how the entire team bought in on it. Pinson noted several times during the episode that he is going to do whatever he can to help his teammates. The Mavericks need that, and it helped them reach the conference finals.

He also talked about recognizing his role with the team. Here is what Pinson had to say about what he expects to bring to the Mavs in the upcoming season.

"I know my role this year. I’m going to be ready when my name is called. When my number is called I’m going to be ready, and be the same Theo that I’ve always been. Be there, be a great teammate, and support my teammates when I’m not on the floor. When I get on the floor, handle my business. I know my opportunity will come this year, and I will be ready. I have no doubt in my mind about that."

This is a must listen episode of the Run Your Race podcast for all Dallas Mavericks fans. Theo Pinson notes he is excited about the upcoming season, and fans should expect him to continue helping the Mavs win games.

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