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Dallas Mavericks do not care how much they get fined for bench violations

Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban
Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks were fined $100,000 on May 22 for breaking the NBA’s rules on bench decorum. It is the third fine they have received this postseason for a total of $175,000, and the team does not care one bit.

The Mavs bench has been a key to their success this season. Midseason signing Theo Pinson leads the way with Tim Hardaway Jr. and the rest of the bench mob engaged in every game. The league does not like them standing and cheering on their teammates, but the togetherness of the team is what helped them win their first playoff series since 2011 and reach the Western Conference Finals.

Owner Mark Cuban shared his thoughts about the fines on Twitter after their opening one in the Utah series. He is more than happy to pay the money if the Mavericks keep winning as Pinson and others are confused about why the NBA is against the team cheering on the bench.

Dallas Mavericks do not care how much they get fined for bench violations

Theo Pinson was quick to chime in with his response to Sunday’s $100,000 fine.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr even went as far as to say he “loved their bench” in his post-shootaround comments on May 22. They are into the game and supporting each other. What coach would not want that from his team?

Yes, the Mavericks bench talks some trash and tries to throw off the opposition as a way to help their teammates. Dallas has 16 players invested in the game not just the five on the floor. Every person on their roster is doing anything they can to help the Mavericks win. More teams should be like that and it is why owner Mark Cuban and the Mavs are happy to pay the fines.

Cuban even got in a jab at the NBA on Sunday afternoon after the fine was handed out.

The NBA will keep handing the fines out, but Dallas does not care. They are going to keep supporting each other and trying to win games. Expect to see Theo Pinson and the rest of the Mavericks bench standing and cheering in Game 3 on Sunday night. If another fine comes, Cuban will open his checkbook and happily pay the $200,000 because the Mavs do not think they are doing anything wrong.

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