Germany tops Greece in EuroBasket 2022 quarterfinals despite 13 from Tyler Dorsey

Dennis Schroder, Germany, Greece, EuroBasket 2022
Dennis Schroder, Germany, Greece, EuroBasket 2022 / Maja Hitij/GettyImages

The EuroBasket 2022 quarterfinal between Greece and Germany did not disappoint on Tuesday. The two sides went back and forth in the first half before a 20-1 run from the Germans to open the second half pushed them out to an insurmountable lead. Dallas Mavericks two-way wing Tyler Dorsey scored 13 first-half points, and Giannis Antetokounmpo was again unstoppable, but Germany just did not miss in their 107-96 win to advance to the semifinals.

Greece was up by four at the half, and Dorsey found his jumper after a rough couple of games. Giannis was opening up the floor, and the Mavericks wing took advantage in the first 20 minutes, but things stopped falling after halftime. The Greek Freak was ejected in the fourth quarter as Germany left no doubt.

Things fell apart in the second half as the Germans went on a crazy run with Dirk Nowitzki in attendance. Still, it was an impressive run by Greece, who went 6-1 in EuroBasket 2022, and they finished as one of the eight best countries in Europe. Here is a closer look at Dorsey’s performance against Germany, and what is next for the two-way wing.

Germany tops Greece in EuroBasket 2022 quarterfinals despite XX from Tyler Dorsey

Dorsey was a key shooter and floor spacer for Greece throughout the tournament, and that was no different on Tuesday. He was five of seven from the field in the first half with 13 points, and the Greeks were up by four. The shots stopped falling for Greece, and Germany got white hot in the third quarter which decided the game.

Dennis Schroder, Daniel Theis, and Franz Wagner won the game for the Germans. The Mavs were scouting Schroder earlier in the tournament, and the veteran point guard controlled the action in the quarterfinals on his way to 26 points and eight assists for the hosts. Schroder was ejected for the second time in the tournament in the fourth quarter, but the game was already decided. Wagner and Theis played key secondary scoring roles as the hosts advanced to the semifinals of EuroBasket for the first time since Dirk led them to the silver medal in 2005.

The Mavericks brass will get another chance to watch Schroder as Germany faces Spain in the EuroBasket 2022 semifinals on Friday. Will Dallas sign him after a strong run this summer with his national team? The Mavs need a ball-handler, but they have interest in keeping their final roster spot open for flexibility. Expect them to make a firm decision as training camp approaches on Sept. 26.

Tyler Dorsey will take a bit of time off before joining the Dallas Mavericks for training camp. He is on a two-way contract, but the 26-year-old is hoping to earn their final guaranteed roster spot during the year. He proved he can space the floor and knock down shots, but will his defense hold up in the NBA?

Dorsey will be hoping to answer that question during camp, and it is the key to him earning rotation minutes this season. Stay tuned to see if he can do it.

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