Will Dallas Mavericks sign Dennis Schroder after watching him in EuroBasket 2022?

Dallas Mavericks, Dennis Schroder
Dallas Mavericks, Dennis Schroder / Tim Heitman/GettyImages
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The Dallas Mavericks brass is in Germany for group play at EuroBasket 2022. They showed up for Dirk Nowitzki’s jersey retirement and to watch superstar Luka Doncic lead the Slovenian National Team as they look to defend their title, but those may not be the only reasons.

Owner Mark Cuban, head coach Jason Kidd, general manager Nico Harrison, and vice president of basketball operations Michael Finley were all there in person for Slovenia’s win over Lithuania to open EuroBasket 2022, which was immediately followed by Dirk’s jersey retirement and Germany impressive win over France. Nowitzki is the Mavericks GOAT and currently a special advisor to Cuban, so nobody thought twice about them having a strong contingent at the game.

Harrison and Finley were back in attendance for Germany’s second game on Saturday, which prompted an eye-brow-raising Tweet from ESPN’s Tim MacMahon. Here is a closer look at the message and what it could mean for all the parties involved.

Will Dallas Mavericks sign Dennis Schroder after watching him in EuroBasket 2022?

Germany kicked off the action on Saturday as they defeated Bosnia and Herzegovina on the back of another impressive performance by free agent guard Dennis Schroder, which promoted the following Tweet from MacMahon.

Was the Mavericks brass just getting in an extra game during their trip to Germany or were they courtside scouting Schroder? Dallas has an open roster, but owner Mark Cuban made it clear the team would prefer to leave it open. Does Schroder’s recent performances with Germany, including soundly defeating Luka Doncic and Slovenia in World Cup qualifying change that?

Should the Dallas Mavericks be interested in Dennis Schroder? Are they? Will the Mavs sign him to round out their roster? Here is a closer look at those questions.