Rumors: Potential package for rumored Dallas Mavericks trade target revealed

Golden State Warriors v Chicago Bulls
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The Dallas Mavericks are only six days away from the NBA trade deadline, and still have yet to make a move this season. The Mavericks’ front office is in a precarious position, as they’ve registered interest in many different trade targets ahead of the deadline, but have also showed signals of not wanting to make a trade because they haven’t seen some of their best lineups fully healthy for a long stretch yet.

Dallas’ reported best potential trade package may give them the ability to push for some of the more coveted assets on the trade market, but they seem hesitant to dispel too many assets in a trade this deadline.

Rumors: Potential package for rumored Dallas Mavericks trade target revealed

One trade that could prove dividends for Dallas would be a trade for Golden State Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins, as Wiggins has had a down year in Golden State and has long been rumored as a prospective trade target for Dallas this season. Per Warriors beat reporter Anthony Slater, Golden State is considering a straight-up one-for-one player swap with Wiggins at the trade deadline.

This is an interesting position for Golden State given that Wiggins is making $24.3 million this season, a figure that isn't particularly easy to match in a one-for-one player swap when you take into consideration how much Wiggins' offensive game has trended downward until very recently.

The only player that Dallas could trade in a one-for-one player swap for Wiggins would be Tim Hardaway Jr., and when you analyze how both of those respected players have fared this year, it's clear that Dallas would be losing that trade from a value perspective.

Unless Golden State is fine with expanding the trade in a Wiggins-to-Dallas move, it seems unlikely that a deal between the two parties may even occur, as Warriors coach Steve Kerr had an interesting statement about Wiggins before the Warriors game against Philadelphia last night.

"I expect him to be here when the trade deadline passes."

Steve Kerr

Only time will tell for us to see if Wiggins ends up in Dallas or not, but it does seem increasingly unlikely despite the flurry of recent rumors. For more on the Dallas Mavericks ahead of the trade deadline, stay tuned with us as we'll have you covered.