NBA Insider reveals Mavericks' best package to upgrade at trade deadline

Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Lakers
Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Lakers / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages

The Dallas Mavericks will get four days of rest after Friday's game versus Golden State was postponed, so it'll be a great opportunity for the squad to collect themselves given all the recent injuries woes they've been dealing with.

Even if the Mavericks are at full strength, their defensive issues pertaining to length and physicality are still of dire need, as it’s been one of Dallas’ most prominent holes all season. Basketball is more or less position-less in today’s NBA, but for lack of a better term, Dallas needs a player who fits the mold of a modern day defensive stopper at the power forward position.

There are a lot of avenues the Mavericks can take to address this issue, but the best and most imminent solution would certainly come via trade. There are a plethora of small/power forwards in trade rumors at the moment, and one NBA insider potentially revealed Dallas’ best package to trade if they hope to acquire one of them in their frontcourt.

NBA Insider reveals Mavericks' best package to upgrade at trade deadline

When you take into consideration cap logistics, the Mavericks have about $25.5 million in aggregate salary between Josh Green, Jaden Hardy, and Grant Williams.

This is certainly an enticing package and gives Dallas enough leniency to shoot for some pretty solid names on the trade market, but Dallas would certainly be reluctant to part with one of their younger role players in a trade as we’ve heard, not to mention three of them.

The way this Mavericks season is starting to pan out, Dallas might be able to trade Hardy, Green, and Williams and end up faring better in the end given they get a good enough player in return. Dallas would also have to rely on the buyout market or some of their back-end depth stepping up if this scenario occurred, as they’d create two open roster spots in a theoretical three-for-one trade.

Dallas would also be reluctant to give up any draft capital unless necessary since they are already dispelling a lot of their young assets in this trade, so only time will tell if Nico Harrison wants to go swinging for the fences.

For more on the Dallas Mavericks ahead of this trade deadline, stay tuned as we’ll have you covered.