Mavericks rumors: Dwight Powell to return to Dallas in free agency

Dallas Mavericks, Dwight Powell
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The Dallas Mavericks are facing arguably the most important offseason in franchise history. Luka Doncic led them to the conference finals in 2022, but this season was a disaster that ended with an epic collapse that forced them to miss the postseason. Dallas is in the lottery with the pressure firmly on to build a title contender around number 77 before it is too late.

The Mavs need to upgrade at the five. Dwight Powell has been the Mavs’ starting center for two straight years, but he only plays 20 minutes per game for a reason. The 31-year-old has outstanding chemistry with Luka, but his lack of rim protection and rebounding has hurt the Mavs. Powell is one of seven soon-to-be free agents on the Mavericks’ roster, and the team desperately needs a new starting center.

Fans were thinking that would spell the end of DP in Dallas, but not so fast. ESPN’s Tim MacMahon discussed all things Mavericks on his latest episode of Howdy Partners, including how the team can improve this offseason and a word on Powell’s future. Find out more here.

Mavericks rumors: Dwight Powell to return to Dallas in free agency

MacMahon had this to say when Bobby Marks mentioned Powell among the team’s free agents.

"I think Dwight Powell will be back on a minimum, to be honest with you."

Fans will not be ecstatic to hear that rumor, but it should not come as a surprise. The Mavs organization loves Powell because he is intelligent and hard-working. Powell is the team’s representative in the player’s association, and he is always helping out in the community. Getting DP back on a minimum contract to be the backup or third-string center is a win for the Mavericks, despite fans' feelings about the 6’10 big man’s game.

Powell was drafted in the second-round by the Celtics, but he has played all but five career games for the Mavericks. He just wrapped up his eighth full season with the team, and supporters should not be surprised that he wants to stay in Dallas.

Will the Dallas Mavericks find a new starting center this summer? They cannot afford to start Dwight Powell again if they want to jump into title contention. Playing Powell spot minutes off the bench is fine, but they must have a strong rebounder and rim protector anchoring their defense next season. The question is how do they acquire that option?

The Mavs need to make multiple upgrades this summer with the focus on improving their defense and depth after re-signing Kyrie Irving. Keeping the eight-time All-Star is the top priority, and the Mavericks promise to be active and aggressive in hopes of drastically improving their roster around Luka Doncic this summer. Stay tuned to see how it all shakes out.

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