3 reasons why Mavericks guard Josh Green will become an All-Star

The 22-year-old Australian guard has gotten better every season he's been in the league so far. Is All-Star status that far-fetched?
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As a potential contract extension looms large for Josh Green and Dallas, the question of just how good he can be is at the forefront of many fans' minds. It seems like Green wants to remain in Dallas, but will Dallas give him an extension?

Green has flashed some uncanny potential in his time in Dallas, but he will need to become more consistent if he wishes to reach the next level as an elevated role player or even an All-Star. Dallas may have to make a decision on his future in the coming years if he only gets marginally better, but with Green poised to not turn 23 until mid-November, the writing is on the wall for him to harness his potential as a former first-round pick.

Here are three reasons why Josh Green will become an All-Star one day.

3. Josh Green has gotten better every season he's been in the league

Josh Green's rookie year was riddled with inconsistent playing time from then Mavericks' head coach Rick Carlisle. Green played in only 39 games throughout the entire season in 2020-21. While Green certainly wasn't ready on day one to be a consistent valve in the rotation, it's at least worth considering that Carlisle probably should've gotten him some more minutes that weren't exclusively in low-stakes moments.

Green improved marginally the next year in reserve minutes for the Mavericks under head coach Jason Kidd in the 2021-22 season. He saw more consistent minutes from game to game but still didn't have an integral role with the Mavericks and mostly was used when the Mavericks needed a defensive energy jolt.

Green also played a limited role in Dallas' playoff run, and despite shooting poorly in his first playoffs, Green showed flashes of being able to play in high-intensity moments, and the experience he gained was invaluable.

As most fans know, Josh Green's biggest improvement came in year three of his NBA career. Green evolved into a guy the Mavericks could trust as a tertiary playmaker as his ability to find cutters and shooters off of drives was much more featured in the Dallas offense. After he reportedly toned out and got to an ideal body fat percentage (subscription required) during the 2022 offseason, Green looked as explosive on drives as we've seen him in Dallas.

He still needs to improve his handle some, but he was able to get to the rim and finish in one-on-one scenarios more often than not last year. Atop the strides Green took in his game last year were his defense and shot-making from outside.

Green improved from downtown drastically last year, shooting above 40 percent on three-point attempts after shooting an abysmal 30.5 percent in his first two seasons combined. His athletic tools translated from chaos to productivity on defense as he became much more disciplined with his on-ball defense and made fewer mental lapses off-ball.

Green has improved every season since he's been in the league, and if he stays on this current trajectory, he will assuredly have a starting role carved out for him in Dallas for the foreseeable future.