Should the Dallas Mavericks sign Josh Green to a contract extension?

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The time has come for the 2020 NBA Draft class to sign their Rookie Scale contract extensions with their respective teams. The top players of the class, Anthony Edwards, Lamelo Ball, and Tyrese Haliburton, have already signed their extensions. All three of those players signed five-year, $260-million maximum extensions.

In addition to the All-Stars of the 2020 Class, Desmond Bane of the Grizzlies and Isaiah Stewart of the Pistons signed contract extensions as well. Bane for five years and $207 million, and Stewart for four years and $60 million.

With the Rookie Scale extension deadline looming in late October, the Mavs have a decision to make. Should Dallas sign the former 18th overall draft pick Josh Green to an extension before the deadline? Or should they look to use him in a potential trade to improve the roster?

Should the Dallas Mavericks sign Josh Green to an extension?

Recent reports indicate that Green is an attractive name on the NBA trade market. It's been well documented that the Mavs are looking to upgrade at center, and Green could be used as a potential trade chip to upgrade the center rotation.

Green started off slowly to begin his career, averaging only 2.6 points and two rebounds per game in 39 appearances during his rookie season. His sophomore season showed marginal improvement. Green averaged 4.8 points and 2.4 rebounds per game, appearing in 67 contests.

Last season, Green's game began to blossom. The athletic swingman averaged 9.1 points, three rebounds, and 1.7 assists per game while shooting 53.7 percent from the field and 40.2 percent from three. But these statistics don't show the most important of Green's game.

His relentless motor and active defense.

Due to Green's emerging skillset, he is looking like a potential long-term starter in this league. Additionally, he looks like a great fit for the Mavs. Dallas lacks defensive stoppers, and this was evident last season as the Mavs fielded a bottom-10 defensive rating.

Retaining Green seems to be the smartest option. Sportrac predicted Green would receive a four-year, $70 million extension before the deadline. With news of Stewart receiving a four-year, $60 million pact, $70 million doesn't seem too far off. Green plays a more important position as a 6-foot-6 3-and-D wing, whereas Stewart is a 6-foot-8 center who shot 44.2% from the field this past season.

If the Mavs could extend Green for less than $70 million over four years, it would be a steal. A contract similar to Grant Williams' deal would be the most ideal.

Incorporating a low-usage, athletic wing next to Luka Doncic is a picturesque fit. Alongside the 24-year-old Doncic, the Dallas core is relatively young. Besides Kyrie Irving, who recently re-signed for three more seasons, the Mavs have recently invested in multiple young players,

In the draft, the Mavs used their first-round selections on 19-year-old Dereck Lively II and 21-year-old Olivier-Maxence Prosper. Later in the offseason, they traded for 24-year-old Grant Williams. And last but not least, the Mavs roster a sparkplug scorer in Jaden Hardy, who is only 21.

The Mavs have a young core in place, and it would certainly be wise to retain this core for years to come.

The only apprehension in extending Green would be using him as a trade piece to land a center this offseason. If the Mavs can acquire a center without using Green, great, but if Green is necessary to push a deal through, then he should be deemed available.

However, there are only a few bigs on the trade market worth including Green in a trade for. Thus, it would be most logical to retain Green's services for years to come.

My prediction is that the Mavs don't extend Green before the deadline and allow him to hit restricted free agency next offseason. When all is said and done, I would love to see the Mavs extend Green before he outplays his current contract projection.