10 Reasons the Dallas Mavericks aced the Klay Thompson sign-and-trade

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The Dallas Mavericks recently just made a sign-and-trade to acquire Golden State Warrior legend and one of the best 3-point shooters in NBA history Klay Thompson.

Dallas sent Josh Green to the Charlotte Hornets while the Warriors got two second-round picks. Thompson signed a three-year, $50 million contract at 34 years old.

It might be hard for fans to look at Thompson in another jersey, but the Mavs organization and fans are excited to welcome Thompson with open arms.

10 Reasons the Dallas Mavericks aced the Klay Thompson sign-and-trade

With the Mavs losing in the 2024 NBA Finals to the Celtics in five games, it was obvious the team needed another piece to their roster, and general Manager Nico Harrison struck gold getting Thompson.

With his tremendous history in the NBA, Thompson brings so much to the Mavs that they desperately needed. With Thompson on board, it was a move that the team aced.

Having Thompson on the Mavs roster will be interesting, and the sky is the limit.

10. Dallas only traded two second-round draft picks

When building a team, every draft pick matters. After trading away first-round draft picks over the past few seasons to upgrade the roster, the Mavs were able to get away with trading just two second-round picks to the Warriors. They have been aggressive with trading first-round picks in the past, and they got this deal done while using just second-round picks.

It's important that the Mavs avoided giving up a first-round pick, and they did. The second-round picks might have been worthy of trading down the road in the future for another key piece, but adding a guaranteed starter in Thompson was worth it. The Mavericks are set to be good for years to come, and those second-round picks likely wouldn't have meant much.

While losing Green does hurt a bit, at least he is heading to the Eastern Conference.

Green did add more value to his game after an impressive Game 5 of the Finals, and at least he isn't heading to Golden State.

With Green now gone in Big D, the Mavs will have to rely on other guards to play a bigger role for next season.