Possible Dallas Mavericks free agent targets from every remaining playoff team

Dallas Mavericks, Austin Reaves
Dallas Mavericks, Austin Reaves / Justin Ford/GettyImages
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The summer of 2023 is arguably the most important offseason in Dallas Mavericks franchise history as they will try to reload after a disappointing season.

The franchise's top priority is re-signing Kyrie Irving, but they will need much, much more to return to being contenders. The Mavericks lost nine of their last 11 games and found themselves out of the Play-In Tournament.

This was the first time that the Mavericks missed the playoffs since Luka Doncic's rookie year and something has to change.

Dallas Mavericks must upgrade their roster this offseason

One of the first steps should be signing a new starting center. Dwight Powell has been average at best during his time with Dallas, and they should look into bringing him off the bench if they decide to bring him back. Dallas needs a physical big that can rebound and block shots while anchoring their defense.

They also need wing depth. The only true wing under contract is Reggie Bullock, and they will need more than that to return to playing elite defense. They are missing Dorian Finney-Smith dearly, and they didn't replace him with a player that can defend like him.

Dallas needs a haul, and their best bet is to reload through free agency and the draft. One way that they can improve is by signing free agents that played for playoff contenders. These players already have postseason experience, and many could improve the Mavericks immediately.

Here is a list of potential free-agent targets that the Mavericks could sign from every remaining team in the 2023 NBA Playoffs.