3 reasons why Mavericks fans will love Olivier-Maxence Prosper

Here are three reasons why Dallas Mavericks fans will love rookie Olivier-Maxense
Dallas Mavericks, Olivier-Maxence Prosper, NBA Draft
Dallas Mavericks, Olivier-Maxence Prosper, NBA Draft / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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Most fans probably didn't have the Dallas Mavericks trading back into the first round in the 2023 NBA Draft on their bingo cards. Regardless, that is exactly what the Mavericks did, and they did it to select Olivier-Maxence Prosper. Prosper started his collegiate career at Clemson and then transferred to Marquette where he was a key player under Shaka Smart.

Prosper brings a lot of versatility with his 6-foot-8 height and his 7-foot-1 wingspan. He should slot in as a solid power forward option and could even play some center minutes in a pinch. One of the biggest things that fans will start to like about him is his ability to make effortless rebounds.

3 reasons why Mavericks fans will love Olivier-Maxence Prosper

If you watched the NBA Summer League this offseason, Prosper was always in front of the rim, easily getting offensive and defensive rebounds. He may not have the build nor skillset to play full-time center minutes, but his size and rebounding certainly make him capable of filling in in a pinch.

Another reason why I think that fans will love Prosper is his potential to be an influence in the Dallas community. Mark Cuban and the Mavericks always want to make an impact in the community, and they have done so through many initiatives so far. This includes creating basketball courts and building resource centers for kids and adults.

Let's take an in-depth look into three reasons why fans are going to love Prosper.