Mark Cuban reveals the Dallas Mavericks' No. 1 need this offseason

Dallas Mavericks v Phoenix Suns - Game Seven
Dallas Mavericks v Phoenix Suns - Game Seven / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The Dallas Mavericks are entering this offseason after tanking their final two games to have a better chance of keeping their first-round pick.

They were successful, but no one expected the Mavs to be in that position when they made the midseason trade for Kyrie Irving. Dallas was expected to make a playoff push after this move but fell in the standings instead.

It was a horrible way to end the season, but the Mavericks are putting that behind them and looking to have a great offseason to return to making the playoffs. The Mavs are just a year out from their Western Conference Finals run, and they aren't far off from making it again. They just have to make the right moves.

Mark Cuban reveals the Dallas Mavericks' No. 1 need this offseason

Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban joined "The Ben and Skin Show" on "97.1 The Freak" on Thursday afternoon to d the 2023 NBA Draft and this offseason. He talked about everything from re-signing Kyrie Irving to their plan for the draft.

He also talked about what the Mavericks' biggest need this offseason is.

"We need a center that can protect the rim. "

Mark Cuban

Rim protection has been an issue for years in Dallas, but it seems like they might try to fix it this offseason. Marc Stein wrote in his substack last week (subscription required) that Dallas is looking to "remake their center rotation."

This is all good news, and Dallas may finally address an issue that has hobbled the team since Tyson Chandler left (for the second time). Dallas could add this rim protection through the draft with a guy like Dereck Lively II or through a trade for a proven veteran.

Cuban seems open to everything and will look to make the right move for a player that compliments Luka Doncic and Irving.

Stay tuned to see what the Mavericks decide to do this offseason and if they finally add a rim protector.