How one reckless play could ruin the Dallas Mavericks' season

Kyrie Irving and Dwight Powell
Kyrie Irving and Dwight Powell / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

The Dallas Mavericks faced off against the Portland Trail Blazers, in a game that resulted in a victory for the Mavericks, it definitely didn't feel like one.

The Mavs led for the entirety of yesterday's game, but fans went into halftime with their hearts on the floor. With about four minutes left in the first half, Kyrie Irving drove in on the 2nd pick of the 2023 NBA Draft, Scoot Henderson, and continued to shoot a contested layup over two Blazers defenders.

Known for his underachieving rebounding skills, and iconic volleyball slap shot, Dwight Powell flies in trying to get any piece of the ball, ultimately falling and landing on the right foot of Irving.

How one reckless play could ruin the Dallas Mavericks' season

As Kyrie rolled in agonizing pain, the Mavericks' floor group and bench grew a little weary.

We're still unaware of the significance of the injury, and the uncertainty keeps an uneasy feeling within the fans and the organization. The Mavericks are one of the teams getting hit with the injury bug, and unfortunately, when we thought the team's health would be trending in the right direction, they got hit with this.

Known for his clumsy and recklessness, Dwight was trying to make a play while being out of position. Unfortunately, the falling and flailing from Powell can get old, and fans are getting tired of it. The iconic "slap shot" rebound Powell has branded the past few years, is proving ineffective.

There have only been "positive" reports about the injury, and until they're back in Dallas and have a full understanding of the extent of the injury is when we should expect an update.

For the sake of anyone following the Mavericks, we hope the injury isn't serious and doesn't affect the team's morale. If they can push through this injury bug and get a few tough wins, the Mavericks will be in a great position to thrive later this season. Maxi Kleber is battling a toe injury and Josh Green is fighting another elbow injury, and Dallas hopes both players to get healthy soon along with Irving.

For more news on Kyrie Irving and the Dallas Mavericks, stay tuned.