Dallas Mavericks draft picks 2023, 2024, 2025: Full list (updated)

Dallas Mavericks, Jason Kidd
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The Dallas Mavericks must improve their roster this summer after surprisingly missing the playoffs, but they have limited assets to do so. They have traded away multiple draft picks already, and the Mavs have zero incoming selections.

Dallas must keep their top ten selection in the 2023 NBA Draft. It is their chance to add an impact player to their rotation, and the front office will likely agonize over keeping or trading the pick until draft night.

What future draft picks do the Mavericks control? Here is a look at the next three years, and what Dallas can offer this summer.

Mavericks 2023 NBA Draft picks

  • 1st-round pick (10th overall)

The Mavericks finished the regular season with the tenth-worst record in the NBA, and Dallas tanked their final two games to stay there. It cost them $750,000 but gives the Mavs a 79.8 percent chance of keeping their pick in the lottery. Dallas kept the pick and will select tenth overall on June 22.

The Mavericks traded their second-round pick to Oklahoma City in 2020, but it is now held by the Denver Nuggets.

Mavericks 2024 NBA Draft picks

  • 1st-round pick (own, protected 1-10, owe to Knicks if it falls 11 through 30)

If the Mavericks do not send their first-round pick to New York this summer, they owe it to them next year with another top ten protection. Dallas traded their 2024 second-round pick to the Kings on draft night in 2022 to acquire Jaden Hardy.

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Mavericks 2025 NBA Draft picks

  • 1st-round pick (own, protected 1-10, owe to Knicks if it falls 11 through 30)
  • 2nd-round pick (own, owe to Knicks if they did not convey 2023, 2024, or 2025 1st rounder)

The Mavericks owe their 2025 first-round pick to the Knicks if it has not been conveyed in 2023 or 2024. It again has a top ten protection, so if Dallas falls inside the top ten, they owe their 2025 second-round selection to New York.

If the Dallas Mavericks keep their 2023 first-round pick, they could trade their 2027 first-round pick and this year’s selection on draft night. All their other selections are restricted or traded from previous moves.

If the Knicks take this year’s pick, Dallas would be able to trade their 2024 and 2026 first-round picks or 2025 and 2027 along with swaps in the other years. The Stepien Rule prevents teams from trading away their first-round pick in consecutive years, so the Mavs would only have two first-rounders to trade.

The Dallas Mavericks have much work to do this summer, so stay tuned for all the latest news, rumors, and analysis.

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