Could Mavericks' evaluation of young guard hurt them at trade deadline?

New Orleans Pelicans v Dallas Mavericks
New Orleans Pelicans v Dallas Mavericks / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

On Monday, the Dallas Mavericks played the Boston Celtics in one of the most anticipated games of the season for the Mavs. Heading into the game, the Mavs were hungry for a win after getting embarrassed by the Los Angeles Lakers on National TV.

After leading the Celtics in the first quarter, the Mavericks were poised to have yet another strong quarter of basketball. Unfortunately for Mavs fans, Jayson Tatum and other Celtics started raining down threes. To add insult to injury, the Celtics' strong rebounding and defense flustered the Mavericks and thus took a six-point lead heading into halftime. If it weren't for Tim Hardaway Jr., the deficit could have been a lot larger at the halfway mark.

The second half didn't fair much better for the Mavs. Outside of a few attempts to bring the game back within reach in the fourth quarter, the Mavericks looked overwhelmed by the first-place Celtics. Despite superstars Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic having rough games, guard Josh Green proved his worth. Green finished the game with 14 points, going 4-7 from long range.

Could Mavericks' evaluation of young guard hurt them at trade deadline?

Green has often been considered one of the Mavericks' best trade assets, but could the Mavericks be overvaluing the Australian? Despite Green's solid showing against the Celtics, he has had a relatively disappointing season. It's even more disappointing when you add the fact that Green just signed an extension with the Mavs over the offseason.

The Mavericks have been one of the many teams rumored to make a trade before the February 8 trade deadline. If the Mavericks wish to make an upgrade, they could have to include one of their young assets, that being Green.

Regardless of Green's disappointing season, the Mavs have been hesitant to include him in other trades.

Green's extension has yet to kick in, which could be a turnoff for other teams, but still, the Mavs have seemingly backed away from including him in any type of deal.

If the Mavericks are to make a move in the coming weeks, Green's name will likely be included in the trade. However, if the Mavs continue to overvalue him, Dallas could miss out on a home run deal that would bolster their lineup. For more updates on trades, Josh Green, and the Dallas Mavericks, stay plugged in.