How the Dallas Mavericks would build a championship team with LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers v Dallas Mavericks
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With the NBA Draft just a few weeks away, Dallas Mavericks fans have been doing online mock drafts to see who they could end up with the tenth pick of the draft. However, on June 5th, Chris Haynes of Bleacher Report and TNT reported that the Mavericks were preparing to make a trade offer for Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James this past season, and Kyrie Irving has been attempting to lure him to Dallas.

This news immediately dominated headlines.

While James joining the Mavericks sounds intriguing, fans also have to consider how James would play alongside Luka Doncic and Irving. It's not like adding James instantly makes the Mavericks automatic NBA Champions

With all that in mind, how fast could the Mavericks become contenders if they traded for James?

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How the Dallas Mavericks would build a championship team with LeBron James

Before the Mavericks think about a potential trade for James, they have to consider the potential chemistry between James, Doncic, and Irving. The last thing the Mavericks need is locker-room drama between the three players. And even if all three agree to get along on the court and the Mavericks make the trade, the chemistry could take some time to form.

If you all remember, the chemistry between Doncic and Irving took time after the trade deadline. There's a chance chemistry between the three would take a season or two to develop. That could be all the remaining time James has left in his career. So, if these three players want to make it work, they must develop chemistry fast.

On another note, if the Mavericks traded for James, they would need to add depth around the core.

The Mavericks would likely have to give up some key players in a hypothetical trade for James. This could include guys like Tim Hardaway Jr., Josh Green, and/or Jaden Hardy.

Doncic, Irving, and James wouldn't be able to play 48 minutes a night, meaning Dallas would have to form a solid bench unit. A quality bench like the Denver Nuggets provides a good example for what the Mavericks should attempt to build for next year.

The Mavericks would have to get creative, as their cap situation would become very cloudy if they pulled off a trade for James and succesfully re-signed Irving.

JaVale McGee and Markieff Morris coming off the bench won't help the Mavericks win a championship. They would need to go out and find some guys to fill out the roster and give them quality minutes alongside their new Big Three.

The harsh reality is that it might take two to three years for the Mavericks to become title contenders if they trade for James this offseason. There are so many variables that would need to happen, from building chemistry to having a quality bench.

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However, if the Mavericks can accomplish all these things this offseason, James just might win one more ring before he retires.