3 Increasingly realistic trades Mavericks could make for LeBron James

Dallas Mavericks, LeBron James
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Dallas Mavericks star Kyrie Irving is trying to find a way to bring his friend and former teammate LeBron James to Dallas. It is no secret that they want to play together, and there have been rumors about Irving joining the Lakers circulating for months. Kyrie has plans of making it a Big 3 with Luka Doncic in Texas.

Irving is an unrestricted free agent this summer, and he would have to take less money to stay in Dallas if LeBron joins the Mavericks. Is he willing to do that? Kyrie took less to play with Kevin Durant and Deandre Jordan in Brooklyn. Why would he not do the same in Dallas?

LeBron has a history of teaming up with his friends, but he is under contract for $46.9 million next season. It would not be easy for the Mavericks to acquire him and keep room for Kyrie, but it is possible.

Trades Dallas Mavericks could make to acquire LeBron James

3. Mavericks' ideal trade to land LeBron

The Mavs have to give up whatever it takes to acquire King James, but they will certainly start with their lowest offer. LeBron has the threat of retiring to use on the Lakers, who would have to decide between entering a total rebuild and trying to piece together a contending roster around Anthony Davis. Consider this the first offer from Dallas.

Mavs ideal for LeBron

Los Angeles gets the tenth overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft plus both of the Mavericks young pieces to start rebuilding their roster. Hardaway Jr. and Bertans are in the deal to match salaries, but the Lakers can likely trade THJ for at least a couple of second-round picks if they decide to rebuild.

Is it enough for arguably the greatest player of all time? No, but it is a starting point. The Lakers likely counter with their ideal offer to get the trade done.