5 Biggest needs for the Dallas Mavericks ahead of the trade deadline

Orlando Magic v Dallas Mavericks
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1. To get healthy

This need for the Dallas Mavericks can't be addressed by any type of trade, but the main weakness of the team this season has been their health. Any time that it seems like the team could be fully healthy, another injury happens.

Every main player on this roster has missed time with injuries, and Kyrie Irving has had the worst luck of all, as he has suffered two freak injuries. The first injury happened because Dwight Powell fell onto his leg, causing a heel contusion. The second freak injury was when he sprained his thumb.

Josh Green, Luka Doncic, Grant Williams, Derrick Jones Jr., Dante Exum, and Maxi Kleber have also missed time. The Mavs would have likely won at least a handful more games if they had been able to stay fully healthy, and the All-Star break is coming at the perfect time.

Dereck Lively II recently broke his nose, and considering his importance to the team, fans are hopeful that his recovery is speedy.

It's unclear who the Mavs are targeting the hardest, but one thing is for sure. If the Mavs make a relatively big move while also getting healthy, they could be a team that contends in the Western Conference.

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