Best-case scenario for each of the Mavericks' young talents

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2. Olivier-Maxence Prosper

Bookmark it now, Olivier-Maxence Prosper will be a Dallas fan favorite. O-Max plays the game with relentless energy. He is the type of player that coaches love. He is a team-first guy who will take on any defensive assignment and make the right play on offense.

The Mavs drafted Prosper with the 24th overall pick in June. Prosper was a late riser during the draft process. This was likely due to Prosper's unremarkable counting stats. Throughout his three collegiate seasons, Prosper went from averaging 2.5 points as a freshman to 12.5 points per game as a junior.

And with the increase in scoring, Prosper's efficiency improved every season. O-Max went from 34.6 percent to 46.1 percent to 51.2 percent over his three seasons in college. While further dissecting Prosper's college stats, it should be noted he never averaged more than a steal or block per game.

When watching Prosper on the hardwood, his defense pops. Although he may not rack up high steal or block counts, he is full of energy and flies around the floor. Whether it be defending on the ball or off, Prosper stays locked in and provides limitless energy.

On offense, Prosper doesn't have a standout skill. He can shoot threes, but most of his looks will be assisted. He can get to the rim, but he doesn't have a wide array of dribble moves yet.

Prosper presents the perfect balance of upside and plug-and-play. His game is unrefined, but he plays an important position and competes at a high level.

Look for O-Max to play immediately, even if his contributions aren't apparent in the box score. The next step in Prosper's development would be figuring out his offensive game. His game screams 3-and-D, which will likely be the role he plays.

As Prosper's high energy has been praised, his athletic ability is evident. Many unathletic players are considered to have a good work ethic or high motor. Prosper has both a fantastic work ethic and high motor while displaying excellent athleticism.

The best-case scenario for Olivier-Maxence Prosper would be to become a top-20 wing in the league. Prosper may become more of a stretch four, but he is unequivocally a forward. If Prosper improves his shooting and adds some go-to dribble moves, averaging 15 points per game may occur at some point in his career.

Best case scenario: Top-20 wing in the NBA