4 Bargain free agents to sign if Dallas Mavericks trade for LeBron James

Kevin Love, Miami Heat
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The Dallas Mavericks might be considering an absolutely insane move. After completely botching the Jalen Brunson situation last offseason and seeing him walk for nothing to the New York Knicks, they doubled down on questionable decisions by trading real assets for Kyrie Irving.

There's no going back from that, and they need to push to re-sign Irving or see their talent level get dangerously low as Luka Doncic gets ever closer to the end of his second contract. The Irving experience is never a dull one, however, and now it's reported that Irving is recruiting LeBron James to try and force a trade to the Mavericks.

Such a trade, if it's even in the realm of possibility, would likely take all of the assets the Mavericks have left. It would completely scoop away their depth, leaving them with three stars and little else around them. To build out the rotation, the Mavs would need to go bargain shopping on the free agent market.

Bargain free agents the Dallas Mavericks can sign if they trade for LeBron James: 4. Drew Eubanks, Portland Trail Blazers

Trading for LeBron James might not just mean seeing Maxi Kleber go out the door, but it probably means the Mavericks wouldn't be able to re-sign Christian Wood (not that they seem to want to), and potentially not Dwight Powell, either. That means Dallas has to find rotational depth at center, and, ideally, a starter, so they don't have to lean heavily on JaVale McGee.

Drew Eubanks is an intriguing option to pursue with that plan in mind, and it's not unreasonable to think he could be available for the veteran minimum this summer.

After starting his career with the San Antonio Spurs, Eubanks spent the last year-and-a-half in Portland, backing up and replacing Jusuf Nurkic.

He has size, strength, and surprisingly nimble feet, and he is a solid shot-blocker. Eubanks doesn't have much offensive pop, but on low volume, he has shot well from three-point range, adding another potential wrinkle to his game.

Still just 26 years old, Eubanks is worth a look as someone who can handle rotation minutes but won't cost much to acquire.