Should Dallas Mavericks pass or pursue hypothetical trade for Mike Conley?

Dallas Mavericks, Mike Conley
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The Dallas Mavericks are still searching for trades. Usually, by August, the offseason activity is all but wrapped up, and teams are enjoying some downtime before training camp, but Kevin Durant and Donovan Mitchell remain on the trade block. The available stars have slowed the market and left teams trying to figure out how to round out their rosters before training camp.

The Mavericks do not have the assets to acquire either star, but they are watching the Mitchell market closely. If Utah trades the three-time All-Star for a massive haul of draft picks, they will likely head into a total rebuild. That would put Mike Conley, Bojan Bogdanovic, Jordan Clarkson, Patrick Beverley, and Malik Beasley on the trade block, and Dallas will be eager to get involved in the bidding.

Bleacher Report dropped some hypothetical trades that could still happen this offseason on Aug. 8, and one featured the Mavericks and Jazz. Here is a look at the theorized deal to determine if Dallas should be looking to make it happen.

Should Dallas Mavericks pass or pursue hypothetical trade for Mike Conley?

Bleacher Report noted the Mavericks should make the following Conley deal.

Dallas Mavericks acquire: Mike Conley

Utah Jazz receive: Davis Bertans, Josh Green, 2025 first-round pick (lottery protected)

The Mavs desperately need another ball-handler on their roster after losing Jalen Brunson in free agency. They have Luka Doncic and Spencer Dinwiddie, who are both expected to start. Kidd’s Mavericks had their most success last season playing two playmakers on the floor, but the head coach will be forced to stagger their minutes plenty if his team cannot find a third guard.

Mike Conley is not the perfect fit. He turns 35 in October, and he played the second-fewest minutes per game of his career last season. The 6’1 point guard is a defensive liability, but he provides elite spacing and can play on or off the ball.

Should the Mavericks give up a protected first-round pick for Conley? Dallas would be better off pursuing Patrick Beverley or Bojan Bogdanovic. Those two provide secondary play-making ability and strong defense. The Mavs reached the conference finals last year on the back of their defense, including holding the Jazz to 100 or fewer points in four of their six games in the first round of the playoffs.

If the Dallas Mavericks are going to give up a first-round pick, they should look for a better overall fit. If Mike Conley is the only playmaker they can acquire for a first-round pick, the deal makes sense to fill the Mavs' need, but general manager Nico Harrison should be looking for a more defensive-minded option.

Should Dallas Mavericks pass or pursue this hypothetical Mike Conley trade: Pass

If the Mavs can make the deal without including a first-round pick, they should immediately make the trade. Conley has two years left on his deal, so trading Davis Bertans for him does not free up any future cap space. The deal allows Dallas to acquire a needed ball-handler, but Conley’s defense is worrisome.

Will the Dallas Mavericks make a trade before training camp opens in late September? It is something to watch closely as things draw closer.

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