Dallas Mavericks rumors: Mavs still interested in Jimmy Butler

Dallas Mavericks Jimmy Butler (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Dallas Mavericks Jimmy Butler (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

The Dallas Mavericks rumor mill spun as a report suggests the team still has interest in acquiring All-Star Jimmy Butler from the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The Dallas Mavericks are riding high to start the season.  Their number three overall draft pick Luka Doncic is looking like a star.  The Mavs prized free agent acquisition DeAndre Jordan appears set for one his best seasons.  The team has won two of their first three games.  It has been a fantastic start for the Mavericks.

That did not stop the rumor mill from churning something out on Oct. 23.  All-Star wing Jimmy Butler demanded a trade this offseason.  He sat out the entire preseason waiting for it to happen, but the Minnesota Timberwolves never pulled the trigger.  Butler is playing during the regular season but still wants out of Minnesota.

He has already told the team that he will not re-sign with them after the season, so expect the Wolves to make a deal before the trade deadline.  Could the Dallas Mavericks be the team to acquire Butler?

Mavs still interested

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst appeared on Alex Kennedy’s podcast and discussed the teams interested in trading for Butler.  The Mavericks were central in the conversation which fans can listen to here.

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Dallas acquiring a four-time All-Star who has averaged over 20 points per game for five straight years would be a massive addition.  Trading for Butler would also come at a hefty cost too.  The Mavericks would likely have to give up Dennis Smith Jr. or multiple first-round draft choices to make the deal work.

Sign Butler this offseason

The Mavs could also sign Jimmy Butler in the 2019 offseason.  Butler is a free agent after this season, and the Mavericks will have the cap space to add a max contract.

Convincing him to play in Dallas may be difficult, though.  Butler has stated his desire to play in New York or Los Angeles.  He was also interested in suiting up for Miami which could give the Mavericks hope of landing the talented wing.

Final thoughts

The Dallas Mavericks are still interested in acquiring Jimmy Butler.  It is difficult to pass up adding a four-time All-Star and a player known as one of the best defensive wings in the NBA.  Butler would instantly make the Mavs better this season.

Trading for Butler could be a massive mistake, though.  The Mavericks would need assurance that he would sign a long-term contract and stay in Dallas.  Giving up a building block like DSJ for less than one full season of Butler would be foolish for the Mavs.

Getting Butler on a long-term deal could be dangerous too.  Putting Butler on a max contract of even four-years with him turning 30 in September 2019 could be a gamble.  A 34-year-old Butler could be making a ton of money and have declined significantly in the final year of the deal.

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The Smoking Cuban will be here to provide any further updates to this story that become available, but for right now it is just a rumor that the Dallas Mavericks are interested in Jimmy Butler.  Stay tuned to see how it all plays out.