Mavericks’ Raymond Felton: I can play “as an elite point guard”


Raymond Felton an elite point guard? He seems to think so. The Dallas Mavericks’ newly acquired point guard is out to prove his doubters wrong next season. During a conference call with Dallas reporters, Felton stated that he believes that he can “still play as an elite point guard” in the NBA.

Felton was acquired by the Mavericks in the trade with the New York Knicks that also brought Tyson Chandler, the Mavs starting center during their championship season, back to Dallas. Since Dallas traded away their starting point guard Jose Calderon, the Mavs needed a point guard to replace him which is why Raymond Felton is now a Maverick. However, the Mavericks also recently agreed to re-sign their backup point guard and fan-favorite Devin Harris to a 3 year $9 million contract. It is still unclear as to who will start for the Mavs at point guard, but the Mavericks are still linked to other available point guards, such as Mo Williams, who has a meeting scheduled with Dallas today.

Felton has had many doubters recently as he had a sub-par season last year and was also recently arrested for gun charges. While it seems like Felton, who averaged a career-low 9.7 points and only shot 39.5% last season, is on the decline, he remains confident in his ability to play at a high level in this league, saying that he is in the “best shape” he has been in the past few summers and that he is “looking forward to this year with the Mavs.” But Felton might be stretching it a little by saying he is an elite point guard in the league right now.

"I still can play the game at this level. I still play as an elite point guard at this level."

It remains to be seen whether the Mavericks will grab another available point guard or stick with Harris and Felton, but it seems like Felton thinks that he is a worthy starter for this team. Felton did excel with teammate Tyson Chandler, though, during their tenure with the Knicks together, especially in the pick-and-roll game. While he may not be able to play up to par with the Chris Paul‘s and Stephen Curry‘s of the league, he might be able to fit well with the Mavericks and give them quality depth at the point guard position. And Felton saying that he can play at an elite level can only mean that he is ready to give it all this upcoming season, and that’s all the Mavericks can hope for.