Who will be the Mavericks starting point guard?


With the Dallas Mavericks agreeing to terms on a new contract with point guard Devin Harris for three years worth, $9 million, the question arises as to who the Mavs starting point guard will be next season.

After the agreement with Harris, the Mavericks now have two decent options to start at point guard with Harris and Raymond Felton – who was acquired along with Tyson Chandler in a trade with the Knicks. Many people believe that the Harris deal was actually a great bargain for the Mavs. When you consider the market and his performance during the Mavs seven game series against the Champion Spurs, his price tag could have easily sky-rocketed.

Outside of Harris, the Mavs have Felton, who is not so bad of an option to start either, even though many people think he’s just a washed-up veteran that comes with baggage. His recent arrest for gun charges and his poor season don’t help his image coming into Big-D. However, Rick Carlisle is a proven coach and can probably get the most out of Felton. If Felton proves to be healthy and disciplined, Carlisle will have a tough decision to make as to who starts at point guard for Dallas.

While Harris is believed to be the Mavericks preferable starter, Felton has his advantages as well. His chemistry with new starting center Tyson Chandler is probably the biggest advantage as the two connected very well in the pick-and-roll during their time with the Knicks together. As for Harris, he excelled off the bench last season for the Mavs, and he played exceptionally well alongside Brandan Wright and Vince Carter.

While neither of them can shoot the three as well as Jose Calderon, Felton may be the better fit alongside Monta Ellis. Where Harris is more of a slasher, Felton can be seen as more of a passing point guard, a skill set that should mesh with Ellis.

Despite having Harris and Felton, the Mavs are still linked to other available point guards in free agency, such as Isaiah Thomas, Mo Williams, and D.J. Augustine. They’ll probably go after those players after Carmelo Anthony makes his decision, which probably won’t be Dallas. The Mavericks could always start a different point guard that is available, but, for now, it seems like they are sticking with either Harris or Felton.

Whichever direction the Mavericks decide to go, Mavs fan can just hope it won’t be as awful as the 2012-2013 inconsistent point guard lineup which included Darren Collison, Mike James, and, yes, even Derek Fisher.