Victor Wembanyama 2023 NBA Draft profile: Can Mavs land best prospect since LeBron?

Victor Wembanyama, Dallas Mavericks
Victor Wembanyama, Dallas Mavericks / Lucas Peltier-USA TODAY Sports
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The 2023 NBA Draft Lottery is one day away and the biggest question leading to Tuesday night is who is going to land the number one pick?

The first overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft is the most valuable draft pick in recent history.

But why?

Victor Wembanyama 2023 NBA Draft profile: Can the Mavericks land the best draft prospect since LeBron James?

French prospect Victor Wembanyama is why. The 7'5 center is arguably the best draft prospect of all time and is a lock to go first in the draft. He is unlike anyone the NBA has ever seen, and Dallas needs a game-changing player on their team like Wembanyama.

Wembanyama averaged 21.6 points, 10.5 rebounds, 2.5 assists, and 3.1 blocks per game this season for Metropolitans 92. He is dominant and has the chance to be an all-time great center.

Center is arguably Dallas' biggest hole, and Wembanyama would fill it immediately. But landing the first overall pick is easier said than done.

Dallas has a 3 percent chance of landing the first pick and the lottery has not been kind to them. They've never moved up in the lottery and they've dropped seven times. That is awful odds and some awful luck, but could this year be different? Could Dallas get lucky at the perfect time?

If Dallas happens to land the number one overall pick on Tuesday night, they would have the opportunity to draft a franchise-altering piece in Wembanyama and pair a star big man with Luka Doncic. They could be one of the best duos of all time, and Dallas would have two franchise cornerstones to build around.

Here's a look at Wembanyama's strengths, weaknesses, and how he'd fit on the Mavericks.