Vasilije Micic staying in Europe next season: Is his future with Dallas Mavericks?

Dallas Mavericks, Vasilije Micic
Dallas Mavericks, Vasilije Micic / Srdjan Stevanovic/GettyImages

The Dallas Mavericks found a formula that works around Luka Doncic. They played a second ball-handler, two 3-and-D wings, and a floor-spacing big man on their way to the conference finals. The front office is trying to maximize the pieces for the already available blueprint.

The Mavs need another playmaker after Jalen Brunson departed for the Knicks in free agency. Watching him walk stung, but the front office pivoted to adding frontcourt depth and staying flexible for trades to improve their roster. Dallas needs to make another move before training camp begins in late September, but fans should expect patience as the Mavericks are looking to get involved in a larger deal.

Vasilije Micic was one of the most interesting names available on the market this summer. He helped Anadolu Efes win back-to-back EuroLeague championships and is widely regarded as the best player in Europe. Micic expressed his desire to come to the NBA, but the Oklahoma City Thunder hold his draft rights. The two sides could not find a suitable solution, so Micic will remain in Europe next season, but that is just the start of this story.

Vasilije Micic staying in Europe next season: Could he join Dallas Mavericks in the future?

Micic’s desire to play in the NBA has not waned. He did not want to play for the rebuilding Thunder, and no team offered an acceptable package via trade to acquire his rights. The 6’5 guard is just 28 years old and in the middle of his prime, so do not be surprised to see him try to come back to the NBA soon.

The Serbian guard drew plenty of interest from around the NBA, but the limited cap space and unwillingness to meet Oklahoma City’s asking price kept him in Europe for at least another year. Micic will be a hot commodity again next season or whenever he decides to try to jump to the NBA again.

The Dallas Mavericks are a logical fit. The two best players in the franchise's history are both European, and the team was at the forefront of scouting international talent. They are certain to have some interest in Vasilije Micic whenever he becomes available again. Acquiring him won’t be easy as the Thunder always drive a hard bargain in trades, but fans should not rule out the Mavs landing his rights in the future.

Micic is a player to watch next season. He is the reigning two-time EuroLeague Final Four MVP and the 2021 EuroLeague MVP. What does he have in store for next season? Can he further raise his NBA stock? Stay tuned to see how performs and if he makes the leap to the United States next summer.

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