Scoot Henderson 2023 NBA Draft profile: Could he fit next to Luka Doncic in Dallas?

2023 NBA Draft, Scoot Henderson
2023 NBA Draft, Scoot Henderson / Steve Marcus/GettyImages
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How does Scoot Henderson fit next to Luka Doncic on the Dallas Mavericks?

Things will get interesting if Dallas lands the number two pick.

Victor Wembanyama is a lock to go first overall as of right now, and Dallas will have a choice to make.

If the front office believes that Kyrie Irving is returning, Scoot Henderson may not be the best choice. That would be a third dominant ball handler on the team and there's only one ball to go around. In that scenario, Brandon Miller would be the wiser pick.

In the scenario that Dallas does draft Henderon and keeps Irving, they could still find a way to make it work. Dallas had three dominant ball handlers for the second half of last season with Spencer Dinwiddie, Luka Doncic, and Jalen Brunson. All three players could play off the ball to some degree and accepted their roles.

This would be the same type of situation with the Mavericks if they take Henderson, but he'd have to learn to be better off the ball. He would likely lead the bench unit as Dinwiddie did, but having a second-overall pick come off the bench isn't ideal.

If Irving is giving the front office indication that he is signing elsewhere, Henderson would be a phenomenal pick. Dallas would need another ball handler, and Henderson would fill that role immediately. He would start next to Doncic in the backcourt and could lead the offense when he needed to.

He is a fantastic facilitator and his in-between game is elite. Henderson's ability to find shooters when he's driving to the bucket is a skill that would translate excellently into Dallas' offense. Players like Reggie Bullock and Tim Hardaway Jr. would get even more open looks from the corners as Henderson would draw the defense in with his elite finishing ability.

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The next few months will be exciting for Dallas Mavericks fans as they will learn if they get to keep their pick and if Kyrie Irving is going to re-sign. Stay tuned to see where Scoot Henderson lands and if he'll be in a Mavericks uniform.