Paul George signing with Sixers proves Mavericks helped end failed super team

Dallas Mavericks, Paul George, Maxi Kleber
Dallas Mavericks, Paul George, Maxi Kleber / Tim Warner/GettyImages

When the LA Clippers traded for Paul George from the OKC Thunder to join forces with Kawhi Leonard in 2019, the Dallas Mavericks were at the start of their rebuild with Luka Doncic entering his second season, and the Clippers were looked at as title favorites for years to come.

Even with George and Leonard on the Clippers, it didn't stop the Mavs from grinding and adding players to be a tough team to beat in the West.

Unfortunately for Dallas, they fell to the Clippers in the first round of the 2020 and 2021 NBA Playoffs. But, three seasons later, Dallas has accomplished more since 2021 and got revenge against the Clippers ending a failed super team.

Mavericks helped end Clippers' failed super team era

George just signed a four-year, $212 million contract with the 76ers ending his tenure after five years with the Clippers. It brought an end to a failed era with the Clippers. The Mavs had a part to do with this era ending.

In the Mavs' run to the 2024 NBA Finals, they knocked off the Clippers in the first round of the 2024 Playoffs in six games. Even without home-court advantage, the Mavs still prevailed. Game 6 marked George's last game as a Clipper and it went bad. George scored 18 points on 6-of-18 (33 percent) from the field.

Had the Mavs lost to the Clippers in the first round this past season, it would've been unsure if George would've stayed with the Clippers. But, certainly, the Mavs knocking off the Clippers may have had an influence on George to leave the Clippers and now play in the Eastern Conference in Philadelphia. George didn't play great against the Mavs, as he averaged 19.5 points per game on 41 percent shooting in the series.

To make matters worse for the Clippers, the Mavs succeeded expectations with George and Leonard being in LA. In five seasons, the Mavs have made two Western Conference Finals and have made one NBA Finals. The Clippers only reached one Conference Finals in 2021 and lost. Even with being overlooked by the Clippers' roster, the Mavs were able to accomplish more than the Clippers in the first half of the 2020s.

With George out of the West, this can help the Mavs make another run to the Finals next season and for more years to come. With the Mavs also improving their defense by signing Naji Marshall, Mavs fans are more excited for next season.