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Order your Dallas Mavericks Nike City Edition gear today


Dallas Mavericks Nike City Edition gear is now live at Fanatics. Act fast if you want to secure some new gear - because it's selling fast.

Every year, basketball fans get hyped to see teases and leaks of new jerseys/uniforms for their favorite teams. It was no different this year for Dallas Mavericks fans.

As of today, they're available to order. You can check them out here. 

As a whole, Nike's City Edition uniforms this season are intended to celebrate the NBA's 75th Anniversary - which explains the retro flare the jerseys have.

"This year's Nike NBA City Edition uniforms help fuel the celebration of the league's 75th anniversary season," said Aaron Cain, VP/GM, Men's, at Nike in a press release. "Each uniform tells a story, juxtaposing the old and new to create an unforgettable look and feel for this milestone season. The result isn't just a love letter to the game. It's a celebration of fandom - and in invitation to a new generation."

So what's the story the Dallas Mavericks are trying to tell with their City Edition uniforms in the 2021-22 NBA season? Well, you can check out the jersey below - and continue reading for more insight from Cain.

Nike /

“We partnered with the Dallas Mavericks to design a uniform that returned the team to its roots,” Cain added. “The uniforms pay tribute to the green accents and Western typography of the team’s early years, along with fresh details that are a tip of the hat to Mavs Fans for Life.” 

You can order your Nike City Edition gear today at Fanatics. Multiple styles and sizes available while supplies last.

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