Why Mavericks should give Moses Brown more minutes

Dallas Mavericks, Moses Brown
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The Dallas Mavericks have struggled to find a consistent presence at the center position for what seems like a decade. Even with Kristaps Porzingis playing improved basketball lately and looking like an elite rim protector, there seem to be still real questions that need to be asked at the position.

Head coach Jason Kidd, for whatever reason, has seemed pretty content with playing Dwight Powell and Willie Cauley-Stein. Both have been highly underwhelming, and I don't see either offering enough to get the minutes they've received.

WCS has missed the last ten games with a personal issue, and in that time, Moses Brown has seen a bump in minutes. He's been productive, and the Mavericks need to give him more run.

Why the Mavericks should give Moses Brown more minutes 

The most significant contributor to the Mavs rocky start has been the horrendous shooting, and Moses Brown would do nothing positive to help that, but neither do Dwight Powell and Willie Cauley Stein.

Throughout the first 25 games, the poor center play has been a huge negative. Dwight Powell brings energy and effort, but he isn't a starting center that should be playing 20-25 minutes a night. Powell lacks size, and since his Achilles injury, he doesn't have that same bounce.

Willie Cauley Stein has been dreadful to start this season, and to bench him in favor of Brown seems like a no-brainer. WCS lacks effort and has not offered the Mavericks much to start the year.

In his limited time, Moses Brown has been the most productive of the three. He is effective as a lob man and an outstanding finisher around the rim. Brown has a player efficiency rating of 24.4, which if he played enough minutes to qualify, would be top 10 in the league.

Brown's per-36 has him averaging 20.3 points, 12.3 rebounds, and 2.5 blocks on 63.6 percent shooting from the field. This line is far more productive than Powell and WCS per-36. Brown provides way more as a scorer and rebounder than Powell and WCS do.

The Mavericks have struggled to rebound the ball so far this year as they are 26th in rebounds per game and 26th in rebound percentage. Moses Brown is the most active rebounder the Mavs have, and playing him more would go a long way to helping solve the team's rebounding struggles. For reference, Brown averages 12.3 rebounds per-36 minutes, while Powell averages 8.3, and WCS is at 7.7.

Brown's biggest negative is his shaky defensive IQ. But with him being so young and raw, an increase in playing time would do a lot for him in improving that part of his game. He is somewhat of a work in progress currently, but he would add a lot to a team looking for young talent.

I have been lobbying for the Mavs to give Moses Brown more minutes for a long time, and now seems to be the perfect time to do it. With the team's struggles this year, there needs to be a change, and a young guy with the potential of Moses Brown is the way the team needs to go. Adding a jolt of energy like Brown could be what helps turn the Dallas Mavericks season around.

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