Veteran free agent unexpectedly promises to sign with the Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks, Markieff Morris
Dallas Mavericks, Markieff Morris / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

After the flurry of moves the Dallas Mavericks have made over the last couple of weeks, they are down to one more roster spot. Everyone is wondering who the Mavs could sign with their final roster spot, but this spot may be gone soon.

Some of the rumors for free agents involving the Mavericks include them being linked to Spencer Dinwiddie, and most recently Marcus Morris, and Marcus is someone who his brother Markieff is lobbying hard for.

Markieff wants Marcus to become a Maverick badly from what he has been posting, but there may not be a roster spot for him.

Markieff Morris promises to sign with the Dallas Mavericks in free agency

In a post on X, Markieff said "’I'm coming back. I want bro to come with me," when replying to a fan about a fan wanting him back on the Mavs.

This is intriguing considering that Markieff is a free agent, and he seemingly just promised Mavs fans that he'd be re-signing with them this summer. Markief guaranteeing that he'd re-sign with the Mavericks is something that happened last year as well, and he is someone that every Mavs fan wants back.

Markieff promising to re-sign with Dallas isn't something that many people expected, and he seems confident that he'll be back with the Mavs next season.

Markieff stepped up as a veteran leader for the Mavs last season and became a fan favorite due to his presence on the bench and good vibes, and now it looks like he could be the one to take the Mavs' final roster spot.

Markieff would likely be brought back to fill the same role that he filled for the team last season, which only saw him play in 26 games, and that seems like something he'd be okay with at this point in his career.

He contributed so much off the floor last season, and he was even named the team's MVP by Jason Kidd. Every player needs a player like Markieff who brings great vibes and leadership, but getting his brother to Dallas as well may be a challenge.

Markieff obviously wants to play with his brother in Dallas, and they've been linked to Marcus recently, but they only have one open roster spot. The Mavs would have to cut someone to make room for Marcus on their 15-man roster, and that's definitely a move to keep an eye on if they indeed end up re-signing Markieff.

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