Unexpected leader for Dallas Mavericks steps up at perfect time

Portland Trail Blazers v Dallas Mavericks
Portland Trail Blazers v Dallas Mavericks / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

On Tuesday, the Dallas Mavericks faced off against the Indiana Pacers, who they had just lost to the week prior. In their first of two matchups, the Mavericks lacked energy and defense, which led to the 133-111 loss. In their second and final match, the Mavericks lacked energy and the ability to stop the Pacers once again, which is why they lost 137-120.

One of the few players that made an impact for the Mavericks was superstar Luka Doncic. Doncic recorded yet another triple-double with 39 points, 11 assists, and 10 rebounds. Despite Doncic's eye-popping stat line, the Mavericks lacked energy on both ends of the floor, which is why they allowed 137 points and have become one of the worst defenses in the league since the All-Star break, even after signing a defensive-minded wing who brings energy in A.J. Lawson.

Throughout this 1-5 stretch, the Mavericks have lacked accountability from their head coach, Jason Kidd. Kidd often details the Mavericks' struggles after losses but has failed to change anything in the rotation.

Unexpected leader for Dallas Mavericks steps up at perfect time

Despite the lack of accountability from the Mavericks head coach, players have been quick to speak on who they believe is a great leader in the locker room.

Markieff Morris has played little to zero for the Mavericks yet has become one of the most impactful players in the locker room. The 34-year-old was re-signed over the offseason to help with the Mavericks' lack of veteran leadership and has lived up to that role. Multiple players have already come out and expressed how much Morris means to the Mavs, including Luka Doncic and Daniel Gafford.

Having a player like Morris, who doesn't need to play but has become one of the most impactful leaders in the locker room, is always a formula for winning. Despite Dallas going 1-5 over these last six games, Morris's leadership has only seemed to grow amongst the players. Often, you can see Doncic sitting with Morris in between timeouts and either talking about a play or having a few jokes.

While the Mavericks are in a slump, now is the perfect time for Morris to emerge as one of the leaders in the locker room. For more updates on Markieff Morris, Luka Doncic, Jason Kidd, and the Dallas Mavericks, stay plugged in.