Luka Doncic for Victor Wembanyama: Who says no to a straight up trade?

 Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic
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The Dallas Mavericks had dreams of winning the 2023 NBA Draft Lottery and the right to select Victor Wembanyama, but it was the San Antonio Spurs that did it. Now, the generational talent will be on the Mavs' in-state rival and ready to cause havoc for Dallas at least four times each season.

Dallas tanked their final two games in hopes of keeping the tenth overall pick in this year’s draft, and it worked. Luka Doncic wants to play for a title contender, and Wembanyama had some interest in coming to Dallas. Could the two team up at some point? It is a possibility.

Bleacher Report offered up some fresh trade ideas, including ones about players needing a fresh start. In the piece, they had Luka being traded for the soon-to-be number-one overall pick straight up. The deal is impossible, but who would say no if the trade was put on the table?

Case for the Dallas Mavericks trading Luka Doncic for Victor Wembanyama

Both are top talents with immense upside. Wembenyama is the most-hyped prospect since LeBron James. He is a 7’5 unicorn that protects the rim, spaces the floor, knocks down threes, and does it all on the court.

The Mavs already have a young superstar, but they could shoot for the moon with Wembanyama. Some think the French teenager will be the best player in the NBA in three years and a force on both ends of the floor.

The strongest case for taking the soon-to-be rookie is his defense. He averaged 10.5 rebounds and 3.0 blocks in 32.1 minutes per game this season playing in France. Wembanyama could become an elite shot blocker, rim protector, and scorer. Doncic struggles on the defensive end of the floor, despite being arguably the best offensive creator in the league.

Dallas could also just look for a reset after a rough season. They missed the playoffs and have fears that Luka will request a trade. Dealing him for Wembanyama would give the Mavs six more years to build around a superstar.

Why would the Spurs be interested in trading Wembanyama for the Dallas Mavericks superstar?