Klay Thompson's 5-word bombshell shows why Mavericks struck gold

Klay Thompson
Klay Thompson / Justin Ford/GettyImages

The Dallas Mavericks are currently wrapping up loose ends regarding their roster, as they only have one open spot on their 15-man roster, along with two open two-way spots.

Dallas used one of their open two-way spots last night as they re-signed Brandon Williams, and they remain a feared contender in the Western Conference after they made three moves that positively affected the makeup of the team.

They started the offseason off by trading for Quentin Grimes, and they later improved their roster even more by signing Naji Marshall and acquiring Klay Thompson through a sign-and-trade.

Klay Thompson's quote about his shooting shows why Mavericks struck gold

With the Thompson signing, Dallas added one of the greatest shooters of all time next to Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving, and he can't wait to get to work. Thompson's introductory press conference on Tuesday was filled with smiles and excitement, and he dropped one five-word bombshell that shows why the Mavs struck gold by signing him.

"Still can't leave me open," Thompson said.

Although this may seem like a simple quote, this was one of the biggest statements from this press conference that has excited Mavs fans. Thompson saying this is a message to those who are worried about his defense and overall potential impact, as his shooting was likely the biggest draw for the Mavericks.

Dallas' shooting was not great during the NBA Finals, and they could have used someone like Thompson to come in and drill open shots. All of Dallas' role players struggled shooting the ball, and Thompson's shooting addresses a major flaw that the Mavs were looking to fix this offseason.

Thompson is still confident in his shooting abilities, and regardless of his slight defensive regression over the years following his injuries, he is going to be huge for Dallas. He is so excited to be a Maverick, and him choosing the Mavs over the Los Angeles Lakers should speak volumes to the type of organization that Nico Harrison and company are leading in Dallas.

Dallas is turning into a hot free agency destination, and Thompson signing here could start a snowball effect of other star players wanting to play for the Mavericks in the future.

For all the latest on Klay Thompson and the Dallas Mavericks all summer long, stay tuned.