Ja Morant lengthy suspension looms: Should the Mavericks trade for him now?

Ja Morant, Dallas Mavericks
Ja Morant, Dallas Mavericks / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The NBA has been fairly silent for the last week following Ja Morant's latest incident on Instagram Live in which he was caught flashing a gun.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver broke the silence on Thursday night before Game 1 of the NBA Finals, and it may not be what Memphis Grizzlies fans want to hear.

Silver went up to the podium before the game and said that "we've (the NBA) has uncovered a fair amount of additional information" surrounding Morant and that "it would be unfair to these players and these teams, in the middle of the series, to announce the results of this investigation".

Ja Morant lengthy suspension looms: Should the Dallas Mavericks trade for him now?

All signs point to Morant getting a lengthy suspension, and this news will ring throughout the NBA world for weeks. Morant is already suspended from the Grizzlies indefinitely, and this next suspension is likely massive. The first eight-game suspension was taken as a smack on the wrist by Morant, and the NBA will look to teach him a lesson, so he doesn't make a similar mistake again.

If Memphis doesn't want to deal with Morant should the Mavericks pursue him to pair him with Luka Doncic?

The on-court fit on paper is excellent. Morant is one of the best young point guards in the league, and he would be a guaranteed franchise cornerstone next to Doncic. Dallas will need a new point guard if Kyrie Irving decides to sign elsewhere this summer, and Morant is arguably better than Irving.

But the off-court fit is atrocious. Morant has been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently, and Dallas typically has a team consisting of players that stay out of trouble off the court. Dallas could potentially help Morant stay out of trouble, but the risk may be too high.

This risk would include sign-and-trading Irving and other assets to Memphis in exchange for Morant, and he could get suspended again in the future if he doesn't get his act together. Dallas could also consider working out a double sign-and-trade that includes Dillon Brooks in that deal, but his fit in Dallas is also in question.

In conclusion, the Dallas Mavericks should not trade for Ja Morant. Even if they could get him for a lower price as his suspension has the potential to be one of the longest that the NBA has recently handed out. He isn't worth the off-court baggage and wouldn't fit Dallas' culture.

The only way the Mavs should consider a trade for Morant is if Nico Harrison and company believe that Morant is going to be a changed man after this suspension. If they think that Morant will become a leader, it could quickly become worth it.

Stay tuned to hear the length of Morant's incoming suspension and if Memphis decides to move him. Dallas could be one of the teams in the mix for Morant, depending on what Kyrie Irving decides to do in free agency, so you won't want to miss any news surrounding either of the star point guards.

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