Dirk Nowitzki shares a surprising story about his growth and shows off musical talent

Dallas Mavericks, Dirk Nowitzki
Dallas Mavericks, Dirk Nowitzki / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks acquired Dirk Nowitzki in the 1998 NBA Draft, but nobody expected this lanky German kid to become one of the best players ever. There were highs and lows during his 21-year NBA career, but nothing topped winning the championship in 2011 and turning the Mavs into title winners.

Nowitzki retired in 2019 after a legendary career that saw his final season overlap with current superstar Luka Doncic’s rookie campaign. It was an incredible run, and Dirk is still with the team. He is currently a special advisor to owner Mark Cuban, but fans have seen him around the team a bit more this season.

The Mavericks GOAT sat down with Graham Bensinger for his show where he shared a ton of stories, including one about his height. Here is a look at some of what Dirk had to say in the must-watch interview.

Dirk Nowitzki shares a surprising story about his growth

Growing up, Nowitzki was always one of the tallest kids in his school and that was not always easy. So much so, that his parents considered stunting his growth. See Dirk’s quote below.

"That is true. We went to the doctor because it was getting a little uncomfortable. I mean at this point, I was like 2 meters-something, which is like 6’6-6’7 and I was still growing. I didn’t want to be eight feet tall. I wasn’t sure if there was something wrong. I couldn’t get clothes. It was a tough time."

He continued to say the doctors thought he would be 6’10 or 6’11, and the Tall Baller from the G just topped that. Fans listen to Dirk tell the entire story below.

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Dallas Mavericks GOAT Dirk Nowitzki shows off his musical talent

Nowitzki told a lot of hilarious stories during the interview, but the best may have been listening to him recite a Shaquille O’Neal rap song. Fans can see it in the video below, and stick around because Dirk plays some guitar and talks about all the instruments he can play.

He also tells a story about former Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle gifting him a piano that is a must-listen for all MFFLs.

The entire interview with Graham Bensinger is worth your time. Dirk Nowitzki brings his usual brand of humor and insight as he talks about his NBA career and life outside of basketball from before he arrived in Dallas to his present-day charity work. There is also a clip where Nowitzki discusses what is next for him.

Dirk Nowitzki will always be the Dallas Mavericks GOAT. He is the Mavericks. The team will unveil his statue outside the arena before their Christmas Day showdown against the Lakers. It will be another special event to honor the legend, so do not miss it, and stay tuned for all the latest on Dirk and the Mavs.

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