12 Worst free agent signings in Mavericks history

Tyler Watts
Dallas Mavericks, Chandler Parsons
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7. Brendan Haywood

The Mavs acquired Haywood from the Wizards in Feb. 2010 trade that brought Caron Butler and DeShawn Stevenson to Dallas. This deal ended up being one of the many key moves that helped Dallas win the championship in 2011, but Haywood's extension in the summer of 2010 far from worked out.

He signed a six-year $55 million pact with the Mavericks that paid the 30-year-old like he was going to be the team’s starting center. Tyson Chandler took that role on the title team, which limited Haywood to coming off the bench and averaging just 18.5 minutes per game. He started the next year, but only averaged 21.2 minutes each night.

During his time in Dallas, Haywood averaged 5.4 points, 5.9 rebounds, and 1.2 blocks in 20.9 minutes per game. He made 55.0 percent of his field goal attempts but shot just 44.2 percent from the free throw line.

The Mavs waived Haywood using the amnesty clause to create cap space in the summer of 2012. The seven-footer helped Dallas win a championship, but he was significantly overpaid during his final two seasons with the Mavericks. He struggled to protect the rim, score, and stay on the floor, which forced the front office into moving on after just two years.