5 Dallas Mavericks who benefit the most from Klay Thompson signing

Klay Thompson
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The Dallas Mavericks entered this offseason coming off an NBA Finals loss to the Boston Celtics in five games. Dallas showed signs of life at certain points of the series and even blew out the Celtics in Game 5, but they weren't strong enough to beat them.

Dallas was looking to address their shooting this offseason, and they clearly needed a third scorer, and the Mavs were able to kill two birds with one stone to address these needs.

Dallas signed Klay Thompson to a three-year, $50 million deal in free agency, and the Mavs now have one of the greatest shooters of all time next to Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving.

5 Dallas Mavericks who benefit the most from Klay Thompson signing

Thompson is ecstatic to be a Maverick, and he clearly wanted a fresh start.

Thompson chose the Mavericks over the Lakers, and they are gaining someone who is going to help them tremendously right away. He is locked in on winning his fifth ring, and he fully believes that he can reach that goal as a member of the Mavs.

He is bound to fit seamlessly with those around him, and Jason Kidd will assign him a role that best fits his strengths. Here are five players who benefit the most from the Mavs signing Thompson.

5. P.J. Washington

The Dallas Mavericks acquired P.J. Washington at the trade deadline last season, and despite some shaky shooting to start his time in Dallas, he took his play to the next level in the playoffs. Washington averaged 17.7 points per game against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the second round, and they made OKC pay for leaving him open.

Washington shot 46.9 percent from three in that series, and he was knocking down 3.8 threes per game. He was the Mavs' third scorer in that series, and he excelled in his role.

While Washington had a great series against the Thunder, the following two series were not as great. His 3-point shooting plummetted, and doubts arose about if he could truly become the team's third scorer.

Now, with Klay Thompson joining the team, Washington will be the team's fourth or fifth option on offense, and that is much more fitting for him. Having Thompson on the floor with him will allow him to get tons of open looks as the defense will be focused on giving him no airspace, and it could look like the Thunder series all over again for Washington when he's playing with Thompson.

Thompson commands so much attention individually, and Washington will be getting plenty of open looks from around the arc.