Report: Dallas Mavericks waive promising young wing

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The Dallas Mavericks' preseason finale is just a few days away, and Dallas has been making a handful of moves heading into this game to get closer to finalizing their roster for the regular season.

The biggest set of moves came on Saturday, as it was announced that Dallas was going to waive Mike Miles Jr., Joe Wieskamp, and Jordan "Jelly" Walker. Walker and Wieskamp getting waived were moves that seemed like they were going to happen, but the Miles Jr. waiving was a bit surprising despite the rumors that he would get waived from a few days before.

Dallas' next move came on Monday as they signed wing Taze Moore to a contract.

Report: Dallas Mavericks waive promising young wing

Moore was on Dallas' Summer League squad in Vegas this summer and he played great. It seemed that they brought him back to battle it out with Greg Brown III and Dexter Dennis for the final two-way roster spot.

Despite Moore seeming like he could be a good fit for that spot, the Mavs have waived Moore less than 36 hours after signing him.

Moore is a great defender, and he averaged 13.9 points, 6.6 rebounds, 3.6 assists, and 1.5 steals per game for the Texas Legends last season. He showed that he can be a complete wing at the NBA level, as he also shot 36.8 percent from downtown.

Moore's high motor, ability to defend, and knock down shots seemed like it would have been a great fit at the end of Dallas' bench, but it seems as if they have different plans for the final two two-way roster spots.

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