5 trades Mavericks must make to get rid of JaVale McGee

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The Dallas Mavericks have themselves in a little bit of a predicament when it comes to their starting center position.

They don't have a true starting-caliber center on their roster right now, and they could end up suffering for it in the long run.

On draft night, Dallas selected Dereck Lively II with the No. 12 pick and made a trade for Richaun Holmes later that night. Despite Lively II's star potential and Holmes' proven high level of play in the past, it looks like the Mavericks could be rolling with Dwight Powell as their starting center.

The Mavs still could make a trade for a starting big, and it seems they're still interested in doing that, but Dallas needs to make another trade along with landing a starting big, and that would be moving JaVale McGee.

Dallas signed McGee to a three-year contract last summer, and it looks like the Mavs are regretting this decision just one year later. He has been involved in trade rumors all summer and will likely be traded before training camp starts.

This is disappointing, as fans expected McGee to be Dallas' starting center last season, but he didn't look the part from early on. He averaged 4.4 points, 2.5 rebounds, and 0.6 blocks per game last season for Dallas.

He was promised the starting spot before playing a single game last year and lost his starting spot less than a month into the season. The situation with McGee is not ideal, and Dallas has to cut or waive him as there isn't room for him on the roster right now.

Cutting him seems like the most likely scenario, but Dallas can save some money if they trade him.

Here are five trades the Mavs can make to get rid of McGee and his contract.