Rumors: NBA Insider reveals the Mavericks' top offseason priority

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The Dallas Mavericks weakest link on their roster is undoubtedly center.

After signing JaVale McGee last offseason to a three-year contract, they thought they had their starting center for the next few years. But they were wrong.

McGee quickly lost his starting spot, and Dwight Powell isn't good enough to be an NBA starter either.

Rumors: NBA Insider reveals the Mavericks' top offseason priority

Even though the Mavs drafted Dereck Lively II with the No. 12 pick and traded for Richaun Holmes, it is unclear if either one of them will be Dallas' starting center on opening night. Lively II may need some time to develop, and Holmes hardly played last year.

Holmes could potentially return to the level of play that he was at a few seasons ago, and Lively II could enter the league ready to start, but it still seems like Dallas wants to trade for a starting big.

NBA Insider Marc Stein reported that (subscription required) "Dallas' trade priority at this point of the offseason is still believed to be an upgrade at center." Dallas has been in trade rumors for Deandre Ayton and Clint Capela this summer, but it looks like the Ayton to Dallas trade rumors could be dead at this point.

This isn't new news, as Dallas has been trying to trade for a starting center for a while now, but it is noteworthy that Dallas is still trying.

Dallas was reportedly in serious talks for Ayton on draft night, but the trade fell through. The Mavs were also rumored to be interested in trading for Capela on the night of the draft, but Atlanta wanted to trade John Collins rather than Capela.

Dallas could still get involved in a Capela trade, but that would likely be as a third team in a potential Pascal Siakam blockbuster. It seems unlikely that Dallas would make a trade with Atlanta alone for Capela, but it's not impossible.

The Mavericks could also make a trade for a center that isn't named Clint Capela or Deandre Ayton. There is still plenty of time for the Mavs to make a move, and the season is still a few months away.

Will the Dallas Mavericks make a trade for a starting center, or will they roll with the center rotation they have right now? That question will be answered in just a few months, and we'll have you covered, so stay tuned.