5 Trades that get Davis Bertans off the Mavericks roster

Dallas Mavericks, Davis Bertans
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The Dallas Mavericks must upgrade their roster around Luka Doncic this offseason. Their fears of him requesting a trade will only grow if the team struggles next season. Dallas needs to re-sign Kyrie Irving, and they must add more talent around their superstar duo if they want to get back into contention.

It is no secret that the Mavericks are shopping the tenth pick ahead of Thursday’s draft. Marc Stein reported that Dallas would like to attach the pick (subscription required) to the contract of Davis Bertans, JaVale McGee, or Tim Hardaway Jr. to create some flexibility. It is unclear what offers Dallas has received, but throwing in a bad contract will limit the return.

What could Dallas do ahead of Thursday’s draft to dump Bertans? He is owed $17 million in the coming season and at least $5 million guaranteed for the following year. The Mavs would love to move on, but what trades work?

Trades that allow Dallas Mavericks to dump Davis Bertans

5. Hawks and Mavs compromise on recent rumors

Jake Fischer reported that Dallas discussed a framework of trading back from ten to 15 with the Hawks. He noted that it involved Atlanta sending John Collins to Dallas for Davis Bertans.

There was little traction there as the Mavericks would prefer Clint Capela. Could the two sides compromise and make a wild trade like this on draft night?

Mavs/Hawks trade

The Hawks are rumored to be interested in Dereck Lively (subscription required), so they would have zero issues of trading two big men to Dallas. They get back two rotation pieces and move into the top ten. The Mavs instantly remake their frontcourt and still have a top-15 pick on Thursday night.

This feels like a win-win trade for both sides, but the Hawks are reluctant to give up Clint Capela. They have a replacement waiting in Onyeka Okongwu, but Atlanta views Capela as the perfect big-man partner for Trae Young.

If the Atlanta Hawks want to move up in the 2023 NBA Draft, they could be forced to move Capela, but that remains to be seen. If the Hawks turn Dallas down, the Mavericks could offer up a dream trade to Brooklyn.