3 Trade destinations that make sense for Mavericks' Josh Green, 3 that don't

Indiana Pacers v Dallas Mavericks
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After Sunday night's thrilling victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Dallas Mavericks are sitting at 22-15 on the season, and they have taken their play to the next level since Kyrie Irving returned from his heel contusion.

Luka Doncic and Irving are proving that they are a top duo in the NBA when they are at their best, and Dallas' role players are stepping up as well.

Although Dallas got the win, one role player who didn't step up as much is fourth-year guard Josh Green.

3 Trade destinations that make sense for Mavericks' Josh Green, 3 that don't

Green finished with four points in 31 minutes and was the only starter with a negative plus/minus. This isn't saying that Green played poorly by any means as everyone else around him was scoring at will, but the Mavs may want a little more out of him.

Inconsistency has plagued his young NBA career, and he has only had back-to-back games of scoring in double digits once this season. Despite all of this, the Mavs don't seem interested in trading him right now.

It was rumored that teams have been calling Dallas this season and over the summer in regards to Green, but Dallas isn't budging. Green has extreme potential, and he looks as if he could be a building block of this squad if he can get more consistent.

Even though Dallas hasn't traded Green yet, it doesn't mean that it is impossible.

Here are three trade destinations for Josh Green that make sense, and three that don't.

6. Makes sense: Toronto Raptors

One trade destination for Josh Green that makes sense is the Toronto Raptors. There have been no rumored suitors for Green at this point in the season, but the Dallas Mavericks have shown interest in Pascal Siakam.

If the Mavs were to trade for Siakam, Green is likely a player that Toronto would command in the deal. He is young, has great potential, and just signed a team-friendly extension. The Raptors would have him locked up for seasons to come, and he would be a great building block to pair with Scottie Barnes.

Toronto makes sense for Green because of Gary Trent Jr.'s expiring contract and their need for some more defense. The Raptors rank 18th in the NBA in defensive rating, and adding a defensive-minded guard like Green to the bench unit would be a big pickup for them.

He brings amazing energy to the floor every time he is in the game, and having him develop under players like Immanuel Quickly and RJ Barrett could help his offense develop even more. Both of those players are still young, but Green could get more of an offensive role if he was traded to somewhere like Toronto where he has the green light and a longer timeline.