Top 5 most intriguing quotes from Dallas Mavericks Media Day

Charlotte Hornets v Dallas Mavericks
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2. Josh Green quote

Josh Green and his agency have until October 23 to complete a contract extension with Dallas before the possibility that he may become a restricted free agent at the beginning of next summer.

Green initially dodged questions about a potential contract extension in Dallas during the opening part of his presser, but it seemed to be more a humble representation of him wanting to focus his direction on the team compared to contract talks.

Later on during his media day presser, Green clarified that he still very much wants to be in Dallas.

"I know I want to be here. I'm going to work as if I'm going to be here for a long time. I want to be able to win in Dallas. I'm going to be in Dallas. Whatever their decision, it is their decision. I have the same goal every single day, and that's just to be the best teammate or the best player I can be for the team."

Josh Green

Green is coming off a summer with the Australian national team where he feels like he became more prolific in his shooting and defensive capabilities, so the fact that he wants to be in Dallas is extremely encouraging as he looks to elevate his role next year.

Hopefully, the Mavericks don't have another Nerlens Noel case on their hands with Josh Green. Green would likely take the qualifying offer of $6.7 million if the two sides can't reach a contract extension by October, 23. And it could very well create an uncomfortable dynamic in the organization if the Mavs are trying to trade him mid-season because they don't want to pay him.

All signs are pointing in the right direction as far as getting a deal done between Green and Dallas goes, but we'll have you covered with more updates of the situation as we get closer to Green's contract extension deadline.