3 things Mavericks guard Josh Green must improve to reach his ceiling

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1. Volume Scoring

As the previous slide mentioned, Green has lacked assertiveness on offense. Along with a lack of assertion comes a lack of field goal attempts.

It's not that Green can't shoot the ball, he definitely can. A season ago he shot above 40 percent from distance, and looking back at his college days in Tuscon, he shot above 35 percent from beyond the arc.

Continuing to become a spot-up threat will lead to an increased scoring average for Green. And, the ability to shoot threes with confidence comes with more driving lanes.

As of now, defenders aren't typically worried about Green launching a three, thus they can back off Green to account for his elite athleticism. If Green were to heave more threes, he'd keep defenders active on the perimeter.

Players like Marcus Smart and Dillon Brooks are poor shooters but shoot the ball with confidence. And, even though these two players might not be known as knockdown shooters, their defenders must play the three-ball, or else an easy bucket may be afforded by the defense.

Upping his three-point attempts to at least five per game feels reasonable. And, other than solely relying on the three-ball, an increase in drives per game would be a step in the right direction.

Green has displayed the ability to get past his defender, even without extensive dribble moves. If Green were to add a few moves, or a floater or mid-range jumper, scoring would come easier for him.

Mavs fans' first chance to see Green in regular season action is on October 25 against the San Antonio Spurs.