8 Dallas Mavericks that fans were wrong about this season

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5. Olivier-Maxence Prosper

The Dallas Mavericks made an unexpected move on draft night when they traded back into the first round to acquire Richaun Holmes and Olivier-Maxence Prosper.

Although fans expected Holmes to be a rotation piece, which they were wrong about as stated earlier, fans also had high hopes for Prosper all summer long.

Prosper looked great during Summer League, and all the buzz surrounding him was pointing to him being a rotation piece for Dallas. Many thought that Prosper could even start during the regular season and that he would play more than Dereck Lively II.

After 10 games, Prosper has only played 11 minutes, and he doesn't look like he will be ready for big minutes any time soon.

Prosper grabbed a starting spot during the preseason, but he struggled mightily. He showed no confidence, and his 3-point jumper wasn't falling. Prosper shot 1-11 during the preseason, and if he can't hit open shots, it will be hard for him to find minutes on this team.

Mavs head coach Jason Kidd spoke highly of Prosper during his pregame media availability on Wednesday and O-Max ended up having a strong showing in the G League on Saturday night.

Prosper still has plenty of time to develop, but fans were wrong about his potential immediate impact and were a little higher on him than they should have been.