5 Studs from Mavericks' blowout Game 4 win over Celtics

Dallas Mavericks, Dereck Lively II, Luka Doncic
Dallas Mavericks, Dereck Lively II, Luka Doncic / Tim Heitman/GettyImages
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1. Stud - Kyrie Irving

At the beginning of the 2024 NBA Finals, Dallas Mavericks superstar Kyrie Irving was struggling tremendously. Irving was clearly rattled by the Boston Celtics crowd, and he was not himself. He was missing shots that he usually hits, making some careless turnovers, and not playing with his usual poise.

Everything changed once he got to Dallas, as he had an excellent Game 3, and the same great energy carried over into Game 4 and he performed like everyone knew he could. Irving finished with 21 points, four rebounds, and six assists while shooting 10-18 from the field.

He was knifing to the bucket with ease, and his craftiness around the bucket was on full display. Irving used his quickness to get to the rim whenever he wanted, and although he missed some easy ones at the rim, the Celtics couldn't stop him when he was getting downhill.

As a shooter, Irving drilled some tough shots and was letting it fly with confidence. All of his shots were within his game, and he gave Luka Doncic the support he needed as a complimentary scorer to help Dallas maintain their lead.

The Mavs are unstoppable when both Doncic and Irving are both at their best, and their excellence as a duo is what got them this far. For the Mavs to keep this series going, they have to keep this up.

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