3 Studs, 2 duds in Mavericks' road loss against Clippers

Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Clippers
Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Clippers / Allen Berezovsky/GettyImages
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1. Stud - Richaun Holmes

In the absence of Dereck Lively II, we've been able to see more minutes out of Richaun Holmes, which honestly I believe is a really good thing. The Mavericks have shopped Holmes around (on draft night), and some were not really sure if there was a spot for him on the roster.

Holmes has come in a shown more production than the veteran big guys, Dwight Powell and Maxi Kleber. Holmes was able to grab five boards in 20 minutes, which is what Powell has in his last four games combined.

I believe it's important for the Mavericks to try and find production elsewhere, even if that means not playing guys who have been here for a while. If Holmes can continue to grab big rebounds off the bench, the position should be his for the taking.

It'll also be interesting to see how the roles change once Kleber and Lively II come back into the fold, but we all should be advocating for Holmes, or someone else to step up into the bench big man role.

Holmes and the Mavericks will be back in Texas to face the Houston Rockets on Tuesday, November 28th, so stay tuned for more coverage on the Dallas Mavericks.